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Frontier Internet Brings You Impressive Broadband Speed

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Get the high speed Internet solution that you need! Frontier Internet is one of the top 5 providers of DSL Internet in America. In addition its expanding network of fiber optic Internet is bringing the fastest Internet speeds possible to more and more communities throughout the nation. Frontier also delivers exceptionally clear, full featured landline phone service, and bundle packages that include DIRECTV.

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Frontier Wireless Internet Connects You

Frontier Internet offers two different types of high speed Internet: fiber optic and DSL. That means you get the very best fast Internet connection available where you live and have options in different plans to meet the needs of your household. And with Frontier Communications, there are no data caps, so you have the access you need to do anything you want to do online anytime.

Connecting users in 28 states, Frontier Communications is a top choice in its markets. Customers love the no-contract feature, and Frontier loves having customers who are happy, instead of ones stuck in a contract. In fact, it offers 3 year locked in prices to new customers, so they get the perks of a contract, without the inconveniences. Subscribers know upfront that the impressive prices first offered are good long term.

Another Frontier advantage is that every new customer receives a free wireless router. With it, you can set up your own home network and have fast Internet everywhere in your home. Connect wirelessly with any web-enabled device when you want, even if others are online at the same time. Affordable Frontier Internet plans start at just $19.99 per month when bundled with Frontier home phone service.


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Rely on Frontier Home Phone Service

Frontier Communications home phone service keeps you connected to emergency response when you need it. In fact, homes with landline phone service are located more quickly by emergency responders than those without such service. The connection you get with a Frontier landline is always dependable and crystal clear, and is more affordable than cell phone service.

Starting at $30.99 monthly, Frontier Communication has the solution to your home phone and long distance needs.


Choose Home Entertainment Suited To Your Needs

DIRECTV and Frontier Entertainment have partnered to bring you the very best bundled home services where you live. No matter where you live in the Frontier service area, DIRECTV offers an impressive lineup of TV programming that simply can’t be beat. With DIRECTV you can rely on the best in satellite technology to deliver the local programming and premium channels you want. Its top-of-the-line Genie HD DVR puts you in control of when and where you enjoy your favorite shows. Choose from a variety of DIRECTV programming so you get exactly what you want for your taste and your budget. You can even start your new service with no money down.

The biggest satellite TV service in the country brings you everything you want in home entertainment. For the first 3 months of service, you have complimentary access to premium movie channels including Showtime, Starz, CINEMAX and HBO. In addition, you can enjoy the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, complimentary with most DIRECTV packages. Impressive customer service is always available so you get the help you need when you need it.

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