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Frontier Communications Digital Home Phone

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Frontier Communications brings you the best in digital home phone service available where you live. Cutting edge digital phone service is crystal clear and can always be counted on when you need it. Available in all Frontier Communications markets, home phone service is the ideal addition to every Frontier Internet plan, and saves you money when compared with cell service.

Home phone service from Frontier always gives you unlimited local calling, a big advantage over cell phones. You never have to worry about overage fees or how many minutes you have – common cell phone use concerns. For long distance calls, you can choose from an affordable flat-rate unlimited plan or low-rate per minute billing. Because you have such great access with your home phone service, you can choose a lower cost cell phone service, potentially saving you even more. Don’t be one of those who trade in quality home phone service for unreliable, costly cell service in an effort to save money.


Nationwide Phone Service

Home Landline Phone Service Keeps You Safe!

One of the major advantages of a landline phone is that it ensures you get faster, more reliable emergency response in case you need it. Homes with landline phones show up instantly with an address when you call 911. Calling from a cell phone results in lost time, as the system needs to search for the address. In case of a true emergency, that delay could be disastrous.

Many home alarm systems require a landline phone service. A Frontier home phone line is an affordable way to provide that connection to help make your home safer.

Frontier Communications Phone Service

Uncover Impressive Frontier Digital Home Phone Features

Landline home phone service from Frontier Communications gives you everything you ever wanted in a phone service.

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Complimentary unlimited local calling
  • Fixed rate unlimited long distance calling throughout the nation for regular users, or incredibly low long distance rates for those who rarely make long distance calls.

Save With Frontier Home Phone Bundles

Frontier home phone service has it all: the most requested phone features, plans to meet your needs, and a price that fits your budget. Save even more on your home services with you bundle Frontier phone service, high speed Internet, and DIRECTV. Choose the plan that best meets your need from the different ones offered by Frontier and DIRECTV, and we will combine them to create a money-saving bundle and only one monthly bill for more convenience.

Get the best in Internet and phone service, together with the nation’s top satellite TV service, for incredible features at a money-saving deal that can’t be beat.

Learn more about Frontier Communications by calling us at 1-855-712-5868